miercuri, 11 februarie 2009

25 things

O prostie. Dar ca sa mai rideti si voi. E la moda pe facebook faza (da facebook , zeul meu personal) si dupa ce am fost taguita si eu de 3 ori m-am simtit la rindul meu sa scriu si sa strezes pe altii (muhahahaha). Enjoy!

1.       I’m afraid of the dark. Really afraid of the dark.

2.       I love snow! In fact I like winter a lot.

3.       I don’t like to be exposed directly to the sun.

4.       I’ve climbed the highest peak of Romania. Actually, the highest three peaks in Romania.

5.       I know who’s going to be the first person tagged in this note.

6.       I always wanted to study what I’m studying.

7.       I got my first computer at the age of (?!) 2. And I wrote my first piece of code at the age of 5. And then it broke.

8.       My pet is a killer – turtle (is still alive but it’s in Romania). And it is named after a ski-jumper.

9.       I can listen to the same song ooooooooooooover and ooooooooooooooover again.

10.    I think that Elena will kill me some day.

11.    I want to be different. That’s why I had different hair colours and that’s why I got my left ear pierced again. And that’s why I want to have a tattoo.

12.    I hate shopping!!

13.    I’m half Russian. But I’m not able to speak Russian.

14.    So, I like vodka.

15.    I’ve seen my favourite band live (Deep Purple). 15 + 4 => I can die happy now.

16.    I have Ian Paice’s  stick from the concert.

17.    I talk a lot.

18.    I’m not afraid of seeing blood. I’ve cut my finger accidentally in the kitchen with a knife and I haven’t passed out.

19.    First, I tried to pierce my ear on my own. I also tried to dye my hair on my own. I went to a hairdresser/pierce studio to repair it.

20.    Exception to 18: I can’t see a pierced lip/ or pierce my own/or see blood from a lip. I pierced mine accidentally when I was younger.

21.    From time to time I wish I was a boy.

22.    I want to get married and have kids (some day).

23.    I believe in my dreams. Sometimes they become true.

24.    I ‘m mad about football. I really enjoy going to football matches. I love a second league Romanian team (Sportul Studentesc).

25.    My nickname is “The Bear” because I often go to the mountains.


2 comentarii:

Lenore spunea...

I like vodka too, cred ca de-aia ne intelegem noi asa bine..:))

sasa spunea...

hmm, mie imi place tot timpul, cred ca tie from time to time :P

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