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Frustrarile unei programatoare in devenire V: cum te poate exaspera tema data de un prof

Acu imi dau seama ca pe mine ma frustreaza numa java. In rest sunt zen. Foarte zen, orice altceva ar fi ma chinui fara sa cricnesc. Da atunci cind vine vorba de java punem in aplicare vocabularul invatat la stadion.

Sa trecem repede peste partea cu Java mea de balta:
-> Cum se apeleaza o metoda din alta clasa in clasa in care ma zbat eu? Rezolvata repede aducindu-mi aminte ce imi zicea dl.Urs pe la inceputurile mele cind incerca sa imi explice java si sa ma vrajeasca 2 in 1.

-> Se pune punct si virgula la sfirsit de instructiune. Si asta rezolvata repede cu un cirnat de erori si o bita dupa ceafa ca sa nu mai uit pe viitor.

-> De ce nu mergeeeeee sa vad sirul ca un vector de caractere ca in python sau ca in C ? Si asta rezolvata destul de rapid cu luat carte, cautat la cuprins capitolul despre siruri si cautat metoda.

Si acuma ce m-a facut pe mine sa fac tensiune la tema asta. Tema in sine era penibila. Trebuia sa scoti timpul de executie al unui algoritm, apoi sa implementezi algoritmul care era dat in pseudocod in tema si apoi sa te joci un pic cu el (aia for personal fun). Dar modul de abordare al profului m-a scos din sarite. Am avut de citit 15 pagini in care nenea ne explica algoritmul, ne punea sa facem niste chestii useless just for fun (nu te ajutau cu absolut nimic) si ne zicea ca daca facem nustiu ce o sa luam 0 puncte. Partea cu just for fun nu m-a deranjat prea tare, chstiile chiar fiind destul de interesante. Iar la partea cu explicatul algoritmuluia fost degeaba, ca la inceput zicea ca-i explicat si in carte.

Citeva highlighturi:
-> "You will find it very beneficial to read and understand the entire document before starting any further work. Note that although the document is fairly long the tasks you are required to carry out are quite modest. The emphasis here is on understanding the problem well and so plenty of discussion has been included.
The practical requires you to submit various things. Each of these has some appropriate
marks assigned. It would however be a serious error to assume that by carrying out only these tasks you have obtained the most (or indeed the main) benefit from the practical. Throughout the text you are prompted to think about various matters that are not part of the submission. You should consider these carefully along with possibly other issues as they occur to you. In other words avoid the pitfall of just going through the motions in a mechanical fashion; in any case this is not possible for most parts. The practical is issued to help you develop your understanding of the material, the marks are a by-product (of course an important one) and far from being its only rationale."

Clar. Ar fi putut sa faca o mica economie de cuvinte si hirtie. Let's go green.

-> "Appropriate scholarship: It is acceptable to discuss the assignment with your classmates, e.g., “What does it mean when I get this compiler error?”. If you do have these (permitted) discussions, please credit the person you chatted to on your coursework (you will not be penalised). It is not acceptable to take any code from an individual, or from the web, or from a book, and copy it (even if you make further modifications); the only code that can be used is your own and what is provided for this practical. Similarly for the pencil and paper exercises."

Chiar stim toata treaba cu plagiarismul din prima zi. Si ca avem voie sa ne consultam si cu sf.Duh si ca trebuie sa consemnam acolo. Pot sa o consemnez pe colega mea de apartament care nu e la cursul asta si care mi-a facut ceaiuri calmante ca sa nu o. iau razna ? Si aici trebuie sa trec si rubber-duck-ul care m-a ascultat cuminte ?

-> "Following instructions: The various parts of this practical place certain requirements with a penalty if these are not followed. No negotiation of any kind will be entered into where the
requirements are not followed. The point of the requirements is to ensure that in doing the
various parts you practice and demonstrate understanding of the appropriate areas of the course. What you submit must be considered work; imagine that your work was being given to you as a sample answer. If you would find it unclear and unhelpful then your work needs further revision"

-> "Any answers that do not follow these requirements will be awarded 0." primul semn clar ca o sa murim.

-> "(HINT: There are very simple examples.)" un hint de efect dupa ce ne-a zis ca o sa murim...

-> "Important: This method is supplied to help you in cross checking your work. You cannot use it as part of your implementation since it would invalidate all the timing tests (in effect you would be implementing an algorithm that is significantly slower than naive matching!). Note very carefully that if you ignore this prohibition then you will be awarded 0 for all of the coding part of this exercise."

-> "NOTE: Each of these requires no more than a few lines to justify. So think carefully and
express your justification very clearly. Overlong or unclear answers will receive very much
reduced credit and any answers that cannot be understood after 2 minutes (per part) will
be awarded 0." de unde crede ca visez eu ce inseamna un raspuns prea lung sau prea scurt? sau cit inseamna 2 minute in sistemul lui de referinta ?

-> "Recall that in the discussion above we assumed that arrays were indexed starting from 1.
However Java starts with 0. Rather than invent a new class in Java it is simplest to subtract 1
from all array indices. This is very important otherwise your software will not work." ati stricat toata distractia de a te chinui vreun pic la tema. Exceptind timpul pierdut cu citirea celor 15 pagini, cu pauzele mele de memorie legate de javra si cu framintarile daca demonstratiile alea sunt pe masura viselor lui nenea, tema in sine nu ia mai mult de 2 ore, cap coada. Suntem amenintati ca temele noastre trebuie sa ia 20 de ore.

-> "Any code that is incorrect will be awarded 0. Correct code will be marked for style as
well. This means that it should have useful comments and helpful indentation. Note that pointless comments (e.g., stating the obvious such as “now we add the two variables together”) or excessive indentation are almost as bad as their complete absence and will incur a penalty." stim, este ideal sa iti comentezi codul; dar ce poti comenta la un pseudocod tradus intr-un alt limbaj ??? si ce inseamna excessive intendation ???

-> "Remember also that you must not use the supplied method buildPrefixFunctionNaively as part of your implementation and if you do then you will be awarded 0 for the entire coding part."

-> "Naturally the test procedures do not guarantee correctness. All we can say is that if the
code fails the tests then there is something wrong. If it passes all tests then is is probably

-> "Java provides pattern matching. You must not use this in your implementation. The point
is to do things from scratch. If you ignore this injunction you will be awarded 0 for the
coding part."

-> "As stated above your code must be well laid out showing its logical structure. Just like
good prose or good mathematical writing it must be set out to aid understanding. This way
you and others can maintain it as well as spot any errors more easily."

-> "NOTE: Your answers to the two exercises must be handwritten (unless you have a medical condition that prevents this) and neatly presented following the guidelines of Lecture Note 2 (and the notes in general). A last minute scrawl or vague collection of disconnected symbols will not do. Any such answers will start with a penalty of 50% before any possible credit is considered within the allocated time for marking them." la cit am scris pe hirtie la info in ultimele 4 semestre...ma mir ca ne mai cere cineva raspunsuri scrie se mina.

-> "Important: Put your matriculation number very clearly at the top of your submission. You do not have to put your name; marks will be returned to the ITO by matriculation number (this is how the submit command (see below) organises things." da, din prima zi de cind am intrat in facultate stiu ca ma cheama s08ceva si atit.

-> "Warning: The rule for courseworks is “We mark what is submitted.” Before you submit your coursework, make sure (perhaps by doing tar -xcf, then more, then tar -cvf at the command line) that you are submitting the correct files. In some previous years students submitted the wrong files and lost marks that way. It is a part of the exercise that you submit the correct files." si asta e apogeul...

Deobicei partea cu plagiarismul e mica intr-un colt sau e pur si simplu un link care te trimite la intreaga poveste. Si da, mi-a intrat bine in cap ca nu trebuie sa plagiez.

Numa mesajele de genul daca faci nu stiu ce o sa iei 0, si mie nici prin cap nu imi trecea sa fac acel nu stiu ce. Mai bine ar fi zis alte chestii mai folositoare ca sa stiu cum sa scriu demosntratiile. Chiar sunt curioasa daca iau peste 0 la tema asta...

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